Friday, December 2, 2011

Week Links: Ender, Star Trek, Troopers, Thor

Okay, I was day late with this week's collection of links, hopefully it won't happen again. However, it's been an exciting week, especially if you're into probably unsubstantiated Star Trek rumors. Also random remakes, and problems for the God of Thunder. Meanwhile, I'm reading Micro, Michael Crichton's final work completed by Richard Preston. So far, it seems like a classic return to Crichton's great works.

Ender's Game finding a cast

The film adaptation of one of the great sci-fi stories of all time, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, has cast two of it's main characters. Hugo star Asa Butterfield is the choice for the title character, while True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld is in talks to play Petra Arkanian, one of the only girls in the story, and one of Ender's main allies. I'm mainly interested in seeing who they find to play Bean, since if the film leads to sequels, he's going to be every bit as important as Ender. Yes, I've read the books.

Rumors and a new character to appear in Star Trek 2

I'm getting irritated by this whole Star Trek 2 but it'll have a different title thing, but anyway, first off, we have Alice Eve playing a character that is rumored to be new to the Star Trek universe. However, rumors being what they are, the internet will probably think that she's going to be Yeoman Rand until the first trailer shows differently. Also, Peter Weller--RoboCop himself--has joined the cast. Meanwhile, Benicio Del Toro was rumored to be playing Khan, and then Abrams stated that wasn't true, but then it was revealed that Del Toro is out of the running, and so that means Khan may be back in the picture. Considering some of the actors are saying they haven't read the script, it's probably safe to say all of these rumors are probably false.

Starship Troopers is getting remade

The real question is whether this version will be serious, or have the wonderful cheese from the Paul Verhoeven's adaptation. Are we going to have Neil Patrick Harris? Co-ed showers? These are the things we need to know. Read from [io9] and [/Film].

Patty Jenkins leaves Thor 2

Monster director Patty Jenkins has cited "creative differences" and backed out of directing Thor 2. This makes her the second director to leave the movie, which as io9 points out, isn't exactly a great sign. No news yet on whether this will affect the November 2013 release date, but I will certainly have any news here as soon as I have it.

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