Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Links: Dark Tower, Dinosaurs, Whedon

So, have you picked up the Blu-ray release of Jurassic Park and spent time wondering if you could outrun a Tyrannosaurus Rex? Science just may have the answer for you. Meanwhile, Joss Whedon has a very unusual idea of a vacation and Stephen King's The Dark Tower adaptation still hasn't died. In fact, it's found new life. It's all ahead on this week's links.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New "Ghost Protocol" Trailer

Here's the second trailer for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. As I mentioned last week, it will be opening a week early in IMAX and will feature 6 minutes of The Dark Knight Rises in certain locations. Now quickly, here's what I want from this movie:
1. At some point, a character will be talking on the phone and be greeted by a Brad Bird voice cameo.
2. Jeremy Renner reveals that his secret is that he is actually Hawkeye.
3. Plenty of screen time for Simon Pegg, Renner, and Josh Holloway, who's been mostly left out of these first trailers.
4. (Least likely) The trailers don't give away all the best parts of the movie.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week Links: All sorts of awesome stuff

There's so much stuff to cover and I have so little time to do it. Seriously, I've actually had some work over the last week, which makes a nice change from the state of relative unemployment I've occupied since graduation. But in other news, I did make it to The Three Musketeers this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I aware the movie basically terrible, but it was also pretty darn fun. Only time will tell, but it could find itself with G.I. Joe on the list of terrible movies that I watch when I want to have fun without needing to pay much attention. Anyway, I'm putting Musketeers at #9 for the year. I'll probably comes to my senses later. We'll see. Anyway, this weeks links are after the jump.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Links: Thor 2, Phantom Menace, and more

Today's link collection sees some news about the Thor sequel, information on that Phantom Menace re-release you were hoping wouldn't happen, some good news about Netflix, and a really pretty awesome scene from one of my favorite sitcoms. And it's been a busy week, so I'll keep this short.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Avengers" awesomeness

The first real trailer for The Avengers was released today on iTunes. Other than Loki, it doesn't show much of this threat that the Avengers are meant to be fighting, but villains are only part of a good Avengers story, and this trailer suggests that the team's dysfunction will be as important as the foe they battle. I've grabbed a few screenshots. They are after the jump.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Links: Dog cosplay, a virus and more Marvel

I had a super busy weekend, so today's links will be brief, with a teaser for a trailer and possibly the saddest--yet most awesome--dog alive. Also, I saw Real Steel. It wasn't bad for a robot boxing movie, though it lacked much of a second act, basically jumping from first to third. Still Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman turned in a solid performance and the movie ranks at #14 for the year.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Week Links: Arrested Development and more!

So, here's the secret to the "Week Links" posts: They are compiled over the weekend from the items I've saved in my Google Reader feed, plus any particularly awesome links that I've been emailed over the week. Then every now and again there's some breaking news at the last minute. That's what happened this week as the interwebs provided me with the following.