Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avengers at the Super Bowl

One of my first posts on this blog was last year's Super Bowl trailer for Captain America, so it's only fitting that I bring you this awesome spot for The Avengers. Actually this is an extended version of the spot, so it's twice as awesome.
Unlike the first trailer, we finally get a glimpse of what the Avengers are going to be fighting... which looks a bunch of random aliens, but still, twice as much action, including full-blown Hulkage. There was a 10-second tease for this released a few days ago, but I don't really approve of teasers for spots that aren't even trailers. Check out some screencaps after the jump.
Quinjets! Presumably landing on the Helicarrier.
Iron Man, still in the Mark VI armor
Looks like Loki's leading the alien attack.
Steve Rogers: Captain America. Suited up.
Stark armors up.
Black Widow ready for action.
Another Quinjet...
...with a surprise passenger.
Iron Man in Mark VII armor, note the silver on the thigh plates...
...and the additional rockets on the back.
Here they are, the unnamed villains.
Cap being a gentleman and covering Widow with his shield.
Hawkeye falling from something...
...but still shooting an arrow. Compare to this:
Cap with another explosion.
Nick Fury still believes in heroes.
The Avengers Assemble: Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor...
Black Widow, Hulk, and Captain America.
Loki. He has an army.
Tony Stark. Black Sabbath shirt...
...and a Hulk. Looks a bit like Mark Ruffalo, too...
The Incredible Flying Hulk!

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  1. I have to say, I laughed out loud at your captions for the screen caps...