Friday, June 1, 2012

Trailer for the new Hawkeye origin... er, Bourne movie

This August, Jeremy Renner takes over the Bourne franchise from Matt Damon. Check out the trailer, which also feature former Bruce Banner Ed Norton. And I'm serious, barring an actual origin movie for Hawkeye, this will work just fine (interviews have suggested the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ditched the whole circus origin for the character). I've heard a few people say he was lamest of the Avengers, and admittedly he doesn't have the super powers of his other teammates, but I defy you to watch any of the Bourne or Bond movies and tell me those guys aren't superheroes. So next time you watch the Avengers, just remember: Hawkeye is this kind of superhero. And when you watch Bourne Legacy, just remember that it's most likely that this is how the movie version of Hawkeye came to exist. Heck, it's not even much of a stretch to imagine that Rachel Wiesz is Barbara Morse.

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