Friday, July 20, 2012

Comic Review: Captain Marvel #1

Wednesday saw the release of issue #1 of Marvel's new Captain Marvel series, which sees former Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers take over the Captain Marvel name (like my previous post about the Ultimates, I'm aware of just how many times I'm using the word 'Marvel'). Technically, the new and improved Carol premiered last week in Avenging Spider-man #9, but this is the first issue that Carol gets all to herself (though Captain America and Spider-man do put in guest appearances). Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick has created a much more confident, self-assured version of Carol than appeared in the character's previous Ms. Marvel series. Now, neither Marvel or DeConnick would ever admit that this new book was in any way an answer to the problems DC faced with female characters in their New 52 line. Still, this new version of Carol Danvers--without "Ms." in the title and a uniform that shows less skin--is obviously designed as a hero rather than another sexy comic book woman. And I think that's great, because more so than ever, it looks like the new Captain Marvel is going to be one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Now, on to the book itself. This is more or less an origin story, as least when it comes to Carol choose her new name. There's are few great moments of interaction with the other Avengers: Steve Rogers daring her to take the title of "Captain Marvel," and Spider-man refusing to comment on the new hairstyle. However, there isn't a lot of forward plot development, though the final line hints at time travel in upcoming issues.

There's just one drawback, and that's the art, particularly this page, released as part of the preview. Dexter Soy has the duties here, and this particular panel of Captain America is by far the worst. Other sections aren't nearly as noticeable, in most of the pages, the characters look downright human. I can forgive that for now. It's only a couple of panels at this point, and right now it's the only drawback I have with this series.

Ultimately, Captain Marvel has the potential to become Marvel's version of Wonder Woman, but even if she never flies near that night, I still look forward to future issues. If you like comics, and you want to read a strong female hero, you should pick up a copy.

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