Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Favorite Moments from The Avengers

In celebration of The Avengers release on DVD and Blu-Ray, here's a blog about the movie that set the opening weekend domestic record. Joss Whedon and Marvel have turned in one of the best comic book movies ever, and I suspect that whether you pick it over or after Spider-man 2 or The Dark Knight depends more on your preference for the heroes involved. Personally, I can only say The Avengers was the greatest movie I have seen in years. Whedon crafted a script filled with humor and the all-important "F*** Yeah" moments that superhero movies thrive on. More importantly, the film lets every character shine, and that, more than anything, is what makes The Avengers work. This is a movie about a team, and not any one character. After the jump, I'll take a spoiler-filled look at my favorite scenes from my #1 movie this year.

Spoilers follow, but it's out DVD so you should have seen it by now.
So here are the scenes I loved, and one of the reasons the film worked so well is that every Avenger has a great moment. Sure, most of them come during the climactic Battle of New York, but it's one of the best battles I've seen in a summer movie.

Captain America

Awesome moment: When Cap gives the police orders to protect the city. The officers question him, and Cap beats the crap out of a couple of aliens, and the police do what he said. It's perfect at showing Cap as a leader.
Runner up: According to the DVD commentary, Chris Evans was worried about the flying monkeys line, but he nailed it, and it says everything about a man out of his time.

Iron Man

Awesome: The deployment of the newest Mark VII armor as Loki throws Tony Stark out a window. It's the cool tech factor of the suitcase armor from Iron Man 2, coupled with the tech-saves-Tony's life that's the core of Iron Man. Plus, the suit itself is the most badass scene yet, even rivaling War Machine for armory.
Runner up: Um, everything else? As has been stated with every other Iron Man film, Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man: "Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist."

The Hulk

Awesome Smash: You know it. The clip is all over Tumblr in a million GIFs. Hulk meets Loki. Smashing ensues. It the big green guy meets a "puny god." Everything new Hulk Mark Ruffalo does is good.
Runner up: Hulk doesn't like Thor. 'Nuff said. Or maybe, Hulk saves Iron Man. So many options. It's fair to say Hulk steals the movie in the last hour.


Awesome: Thor reminds everyone he's a freaking God when he decks the Hulk with a blow from Mjolnir. Also, he headbutts Iron Man. Thor probably gets the shortest stick among the Avengers, but he's still awesome.

Black Widow

Awesome scene: Scarlett Johansson gets to play on the best written scenes of the film when she talks confronts a captive Loki. It's a wonderful moment of double or triple manipulation. Widow honestly reveals her own weakness in order to let Loki think he's ahead, and that tricks him into revealing his plan for the Hulk. She also hijacks an alien jet-ski and kicks Hawkeye in the head.


Still Awesome: Hawkeye spends most the film as a meat puppet, but he still gets to shine. Notably, when he takes down Loki, who catches the arrow only to have it explode in his face. Even when brainwashed, he pulls off a spectacular shot when he almost blows the Helicarrier out of the sky. Not bad for the guy who's only super power is high-tech bow and Swiss Army quiver.

Joss Whedon

The writer/director does a great commentary, where he quite honestly comments on the flaws in his script, particularly the Phantom Menace-style end of the alien army. It's not genius, but it gives the Avengers their moment of triumph. Personally, I'd prefer a less convenient ending with some loose ends to take care of, but I get the reasoning, and it's good know Whedon is aware of the issue, since it gives great hope for the sequel.

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