Saturday, October 20, 2012

Marvel going all out Iron Patriot

It looks like Marvel is re-launching the Iron Patriot across all three of their universes. Early set photos from the filming of Iron Man 3 first revealed the character, which was revealed at ComicCon this summer to be the new look for Don Cheadle's War Machine. For those not aware, Iron Patriot (think Iron Man with a Captain America paint-job) initially debuted in the comics during the Dark Reign storyline as Norman Osborn (aka, the Green Goblin, it's a long story). Of course, the film rights to Osborn belong to Sony along with Spider-man, so that particular story won't be appearing on film, and thus the spangled armor has been passed to War Machine. Not only that, but it appears Iron Patriot is getting a comic makeover as well.

The image to the right is the cover to Ultimates #19. Who is in the armor is currently unknown, though it is quite likely new President of the United States, Captain America. This would make sense since an Iron suit is a good stand-in for a Secret Service detail, and Ultimate President Cap hasn't stopped running into battle. Considering the crazy things that happen in the Ultimate U though, it's totally up for grabs. War Machine and Iron Man himself are candidates, as is Nick Fury and almost every Ultimate character who isn't dead yet. EDIT (12/19/2012) Ultimate Iron Patriot is in fact Tony Stark.

Meanwhile in the regular Marvel universe, as part the NOW! relaunch of most titles, a Secret Avengers series will feature a new Iron Patriot.
Again there's no word on who will be in the armor, but in this case it almost certainly won't be Captain America. Since War Machine has been part of the Secret Avengers before, it wouldn't be a surprise for him to get the new paint-job (and cross-promotion with with the Cinematic Universe) but personally I'd love to see former Young Avenger Eli Bradley AKA Patriot suit up. Patriot is absent from the NOW! Young Avengers title, so he's available, and the name connection is obvious. Also, putting the comic version of Phil Coulson in the suit would be freaking amazing.

Ultimately, it's most likely that all three incarnations of Iron Patriot will end up being a repainted War Machine, and that's still good, but it would be fun to get a new suited character in the Universe.


  1. This is a really nice article, but I feel I must correct you on the first appearance of the "Iron Patriot". Osborn was not the first person in the armour. The "Iron Patriot" armour first appeared in the "What If: Civil War" story.

    They even released a figure of it in the toyline for the first Iron Man movie.

    1. Wow, I didn't know that. Definitely a good counter argument to people saying it's stupid to put anyone but Osborn in the armor.