Monday, September 26, 2011

Week Links: Jetpacks, Raptors, Blu-ray

Time for another batch of Monday links. I'm working on getting another Flashback post up soon, but for now, you get this collection of news from the internet.

A real jetpack

Sort of. Well, not really. But this is still awesome. The pursuit of personal flight [From io9]

Science confirms what Jurassic Park taught us

io9 also has a report that a recently discovered fossil seems to validate the claim that the famous raptor toe-claw was in fact used for slashing and "spilling your intestines" so that "you are alive when they start to eat you." Well, not in so many words, but who are we to argue with Alan Grant?

Star Wars Blu-ray sets records

So much the fury over Obi-wan's new dragon call and Darth Vader's "Nooo." The Star Wars Blu-ray release made $84 million in it's opening week, making it the best selling Blu-ray in history. Now the changes probably had nothing to do with how well the discs sold, but it becomes hard to claim fans are furious over the changes (from a business standpoint) when this happens.

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