Monday, September 19, 2011

Week Links: Nerds, Spielberg and Abrams

Following up on last week's resolution to post links weekly, here's some things that stood out to me. Click ahead to see them.

Steven Spielberg is making Robopocalypse

It looks like it's really going to happen: a movie that doesn't mess around with silly things like title that try to convince you the movie is about something else (though honestly Transformers and I, Robot weren't really trying). Robot + Apocalypse = Robopocalypse. But from Steven Spielberg with a massive budget, this should at least as entertaining as the aformetioned Transformers, though let's hope Michael Bay isn't called it.

Nerd Rage is a force for good

In this article, io9 explains how Nerd Rage can make the world better. They raise some good points, but I would like to point out that screaming "Han shot first" isn't on the list of ways Nerd Rage can be positive. My takeaway from this is: Whining about something on the internet can in fact be useful. Continuing to whine about something that happened over ten years ago, not so much. Also, my official term for Nerd Rage: Angry Panda with Nunchakus.

J.J. Abrams is officially directing Star Trek 2

Fans of the most recent Star Trek film can rest easy that director J.J. Abrams is officially returning for the inevitable sequel. The good news here is that the filmmakers are obviously spending a lot of time to get the script right and make sure the sequel is suitably awesome. The bad news: This means the film is probably over a year away.

Who need the 5-second rule, anyway?

Also from io9 comes this article about how the famous 5-second rule may in fact be too strict. This certainly makes me feel better about those Reese's Pieces the other day...

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