Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Awesome Links

You know what's awesome? These very-important-to-me links from today.

New Trailer for X-Men: First Class
Some of the leaked images for the newest X-Men film looked pretty iffy, but this new trailer has bumped this movie into "looks good" territory for me. You can watch it on Facebook if you "Like" the page, or just go to io9 and watch it there. They've also done a great screen-by-screen breakdown if you're like me and want to make sure you don't miss any details. I'm particularly liking the period feel (though it's no Captain America) and the Magneto Picking Up a Submarine image. Looks like they've done a pretty good job on the casting, and Matthew Vaughn has shown that he has a good handle on superheros with Kick Ass, so First Class just climbed a few spaces on my list of anticipated films for this year.

Dwarves Will Be Doing Their Own Singing

And here's some news from one of my Most Anticipated Movies of All Time. The principle cast of The Hobbit (Bilbo and Dwarves) was presented at a press conference today. The confirmed that they will indeed have 13 separate dwarf characters, which should make toy collectors everywhere very happy. I'm not sure that even I will be able to tell them apart until I've seen the movies three or times, but then, I will see them that many times so that's not really an issue. TV3 News in New Zealand has a video of the press conference (complete with New Zealand advertising) and you can also check out the ever reliable for their coverage, which is where I get my all my information from anyway. I just want to know if the orcs and wargs will also be singing this time around. And will trolls discuss stocking colors?

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