Monday, February 21, 2011


Liam Neeson is a badass. In fact, I might go so far as to say he's the closest thing our generation has to a Sean Connery. He was probably the best part in The Phantom Menace, and he's given the appropriate gravitas to Zeus and the Jesus Lion. Also, he trained Batman. That's a pretty impressive résumé in my book. Last year, he made Taken, where he ran around beating people up. This year, someone in Hollywood decided it would be a good idea to make pretty much the same movie over again. It actually worked pretty well.

I've been reading a lot of Philip K. Dick recently, and the first (and best) part of this film feels based off one of his stories. Ultimately, though, Unknown takes the easy way out. The twists aren't always obvious, but they certainly aren't shocking. Overall, it's a solid "B" movie. Entertaining, but flawed.

The biggest problem with this film is everyone that's not Liam Neeson. January Jones is very attractive, but I'm not entirely sure she can act. Either way, her character is the weakest link in the story. Diane Kruger's character isn't much better, and the villains are all underwritten and underdeveloped. Then there's one or two plot twists, which I'm not going to give away, but found mildly (or extremely) ridiculous. But this was better than The Eagle, and it takes it spot at #2 for the year.

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