Friday, June 10, 2011

Another week of links

Here's a collection of links including a new superfood, an exciting new educational opportunity, posters from the next Harry Potter, an TV spot for Captain America, and the other reason I need a Blu-ray player. Oh, yeah, and a hoverboard will soon be mine.

A new Captain America TV spot

There's been several of these that I haven't posted, but here's the latest TV spot for next month's Captain America featuring Hugo Weaving's Red Skull.

Get a Master's in comic books

Now here's a degree I should look into. The English department at Dundee University in Scotland is offering a one-year Master's in comic book studies. Oh, and they're offering a Ph.D in comic book studies to those who have completed the Master's. So now we know what Dr. Horrible's Doctorate is really in.

Work out, eat apples

From io9 comes this report on apple peels. New research shows that Ursolic acid, which apple peels contain in high concentration, both prevents muscles from wasting and helps them grow. Ursolic acid is also rumored to help with some types of cancer. This explains a lot, since I always demanded that my apples be peeled.

Deathly Hallows Part II posters have more action than Part I

Well, maybe that's not totally fair, but Yahoo! Movies has a bunch of new action posters from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Interestly, this posters are labels HP7, Part 2, making this Harry Potter 7 Part 2. Oh screw it, I think I'll just call it Harry Potter 8. Back on topic, this posters show off Harry, Voldemort, Neville Longbottom and the others in full battle mode. Seriously, it looks good.

Jurassic Park comes to Blu-ray

When the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions were announced for Blu-ray, it was the first reason for me to get a Blu-ray player. Now, the other shoe has fallen. From /Film comes the news that the Jurassic Park Trilogy will be coming to Blu-ray sometime before the holiday season. So there's an new entry on my Christmas wishlist.

Homemade hoverbike is the first step toward the future

As everyone who's seen Back to the Future II knows that the future won't have arrived until jetpacks and hoverboards are available for all. I've posted about a jetpack prototype already, and now Jalopnik has this story about an Australian man who's building his own hoverbike. I'm just waiting for the board adaptation.

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