Monday, October 10, 2011

Week Links: Dog cosplay, a virus and more Marvel

I had a super busy weekend, so today's links will be brief, with a teaser for a trailer and possibly the saddest--yet most awesome--dog alive. Also, I saw Real Steel. It wasn't bad for a robot boxing movie, though it lacked much of a second act, basically jumping from first to third. Still Hugh "Wolverine" Jackman turned in a solid performance and the movie ranks at #14 for the year.

Harpoons and tow-cables not advised

This from io9, the most awesome pet costume I've ever seen. Sure the dog is probably miserable, but I'm sure it was well rewarded for service to Star Wars fans everywhere.

A teaser of a trailer

Marvel brings us the announcement that the first trailer for The Avengers (excluding the teaser shown after Captain America) will be released tomorrow. Personally, I have mixed feelings about the whole promotion for a promotion thing, but hey, I care enough to post about it, and I guess that's what they're going for. In other Marvel news, /Film belives that recent Disney domain registrations may suggest movement toward a Doctor Strange film.

Maybe we should try a Mac...

Just in case you forgot to worry about Skynet this month, here's the lovely news that the US drone fleet has a computer virus. I was going to blame this on Norton, since they've been doing the product placement but apparently these drones used Kaspersky. Yeah. Killer drones have the same security as my dying laptop. The end is near. [Wired via io9]

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