Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Avengers" awesomeness

The first real trailer for The Avengers was released today on iTunes. Other than Loki, it doesn't show much of this threat that the Avengers are meant to be fighting, but villains are only part of a good Avengers story, and this trailer suggests that the team's dysfunction will be as important as the foe they battle. I've grabbed a few screenshots. They are after the jump.

The trailer opens with explosions and sounds suspiciously like Transformers. Note to the filmmakers: Please avoid that.

The first really new thing in the trailer is this presumably-a-Quinjet. It must be a Quinjet. It's obviously about to crash.
A shot of the Iron Man armor. It looks like Tony Stark is still in the Mark VI, so maybe he won't be updating the suit for every movie. This is a different suit than was shown in the concept art, so this could be preliminary CGI, but I doubt it. There is no reason for a new suit, but at the same time, I'm hoping that Iron Man will bust out a Hulkbuster suit at some point.
Cap and Iron Man looking battle worn. Is this in the Helicarrier? Also why doesn't the trailer show the Helicarrier? Oh, I'm sure there are all sorts of practical reasons, but my brain refuses to accept them.
So Jeremy Renner is left-handed. It's strange how long it took me to notice that. Also, in his Thor cameo, he drew the bow right-handed. Hawkeye doesn't appear in the trailer much. He has a folding bow, he slides and shoots an arrow. However, this picture suggests he'll be the pilot of the the aforementioned Quinjet.
Nick Fury with a rocket launcher. This movie will be rated PG-13, but you can fill in Samuel Jackson's dialogue on your own. In fact, I want to see a dubbed version of this scene, and lip-syncing won't even be a problem.
This may be the most exciting scene in the trailer. Hopefully it will be a variation on Ulitmates 2, when Loki convinced the team Thor was just a crazy guy with cool toys. Here's the comic, but I doubt the film will have flamethrowers.
And here's the Hulk. Obviously he's going to be CG so they don't have much ready, but it's nice to see him make an appearance, and the exchange between Banner and Stark is absoultly the reason Joss Whedon is the right director for this film.
io9 has there own screencaps here, so you can check them out if you want more.

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