Monday, October 3, 2011

Week Links: Arrested Development and more!

So, here's the secret to the "Week Links" posts: They are compiled over the weekend from the items I've saved in my Google Reader feed, plus any particularly awesome links that I've been emailed over the week. Then every now and again there's some breaking news at the last minute. That's what happened this week as the interwebs provided me with the following.

Arrested Development movie really, really might happen

Nothing's official until I see set photos, but creator Mitchell Hurwitz says that the plan for a short miniseries and movie is definitely moving forward. This comes from a New Yorker Festival yesterday with Hurwitz and most of the major cast members. Personally, my reaction to the possibility of seeing the Bluth family again can be summarized thus: "STEVE HOLT!"

Underground living in style

Here's a do-it-yourself underground house perfect for sheltering from the apocalypse. It's a nice alternative if this option cramps your style or this place isn't available. However, it seems a little conspicuous for my post-apocalyptic taste. In my opinion, the best defense is not letting the offense find you. Still, this is a good option if you want your emergency shelter to double as a guest house.

Possible new Marvel films

The Avengers issue of Entertainment Weekly contains what may be a list of Marvel's next 5 films, though I'm taking this list with a slight grain of salt since the Captain America sequel isn't included, even though the writers for that have already been hired. Anyway, the list has Iron Man 3 for May 2013 with Shane Black directing. The search is still underway for Thor 2's new director, after finding the writer a few months ago. More exciting is the Ant-Man film in development from Scott Pilgrim director Edgar Wright. I still want to see Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man, though I'd settle for other Wright regular Simon Pegg. The other two films are new as far as I know; adaptations of The Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm not particularly familiar with either group, but Inhumans is billed as an X-Men like team, valuable for Marvel since Fox holds the rights for the X-Men films. Meanwhile, Guardians of the Galaxy is more of space epic, and those are always good. Read more from io9 and /Film.

We might actually get to see the Red Dawn remake

Once upon a time, MGM decided it would be a good idea to remake that crazy '80s movie in which Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen saved America from Russian invaders. They replaced Russia with China, but then realized that since China basically owns America now, they wouldn't need to invade (my reasons, not theirs), so they digitally changed the Chinese to North Koreans and apparently couldn't find any logistical issues. And then MGM went bankrupt and it looked the film might never be seen. But here's the deal. This remake happened to star--among others--Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Adrianne Palicki (almost Wonder Woman), and Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games), all of whom are significantly bigger stars now then they were when the film was made. So the happy conclusion to this tale is that Film District is in talks to pick up the distribution rights and let us all see a younger version of Thor screaming "Wolverines!"

LEGO Ford Explorer is totally awesome

I didn't particularly like the new look of the Explorer. It seems too far removed the from the vehicle I remember from my childhood, yet suddenly I'm liking it a whole lot more. This model doesn't actually drive, it was built for the opening of the new Legoland theme park in Orlando, Florida.

io9 explains how Steven Spielberg has made the world better

In an article that earns my full approval, io9's Daily 10 article explains how Steven Spielberg has made the world a better place. io9: 10 ways Steven Spielberg has made the world better.

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